How People Respond to Them,
Yet Know Them Not





Vicente-Ignacio Soria de Veyra
Filipino indie poet and fiction writer
(1961-        )







"HELLO there," he said, as you here came up to call on him. He, Vicente-Ignacio Soria de Veyra, perhaps safely classifiable on the shelf as a Filipino poet, fiction writer, social and cultural critic, online art magazine editor and art journalist/critic, rock music dilettante, non-professional artist and retired ad man, would, I believe, welcome you all in his turn with a quick "hello there," to this, his online-books website; and he did, didn't he? when you went up to call on him---he greeted you all nonchalantly, . . .

So here you are now. And so, come inside. Inside this, his own vanity press if you will, where you might find displayed, exhibited---all for FREE, we hear---Vicente-Ignacio's scribbles, nibbles, and gargles on subjects and themes informing the stuff that's in here. Everything here: from his online poetry and fiction books to his social and cultural criticism, to certain other miscellaneous notes on some books or films or pop music by others. And somewhere here, should you have the patience to look for them, you may be able to glimpse some past ad writing of his, and believe it or not, it's been overheard that he promised to here put up pages dedicated to his failed attempt to enter the Philippine rock music industry in 2006 as Tandang Soria with a band called Groupies' Panciteria!

Now, it has been rumored that he titled this virtual museum library of his after the title of one of his poetry volumes---"How People Respond To Them, Yet Know Them Not"---, which title was culled in turn from a line in a Walt Whitman piece, perhaps as his way of acknowledging the fact---or so the rumors go---that a writer's daily duty is to take his subjects as well as his contexts as seriously as he can, the way lawyers and social scientists treat their clients and funding sources so enthusiastically. Seriously, yes, in the manner of those writers whose wont had been to fulfill their duty towards contexts in more figurative, entertaining ways.

By the word "them" in this site's title's "Respond to Them," it is not clear if Vicente-Ignacio meant to reference his pieces or his pieces' subject-objects and subject-persons/characters. Might he also have been acknowledging the fact that certain of his pieces could be more about his art than his subjects, or more about his subjects than about his art, with his readers terribly left hanging with those questions? If he was acknowledging both, does that mean that he intended some degree of openness, as his literary gesture of respect for his readers? For if he did intend either, would that mean that he values the one no more than the other, and expects his readers to treat both (art and theme) equally?
     But as for the entertainment value in a writer's works, the other art part, it is possible that Vicente-Ignacio deems entertainment necessary instead of irritating. For, indeed, as writers and lawyers and social scientists continue to fight their puny little wars for causes (big causes as they may be), be they social/political or aesthetic causes, these warrings are certain to offend people who would rather have society at large eternally apathetic to the vagueness (or elusiveness) of contexts and meanings. Thus, perhaps, Vicente-Ignacio's need to cling to those entertaining weapons, as sarcasm, irony, or the denial of perfect clarity through a "neo-surrealist" mimicry or parody of language might be entertaining. Otherwise, these are used for the solemn voice of eulogies upon phenomena declared of no value by certain cultural powers now ecstatic over these phenomena's lost audience or slow fading into obscurity. Perhaps, perhaps.

But now, you ask, what's Vicente's approach to "letting his people know"? Well, from the political as well as the aesthetic standpoint, be warned. You may find that certain of the views---political and/or aesthetic---in this his site may just be too progressivist social liberal for your friends with conservative tastes, too indie for those of them with a clique-leaning tradition, too dark for a coffeeshop latte-junkie aunt, or simply lame to an uncle's "extremist" dreams.



IT doesn't matter. For if you still want to come inside, here in his Poetry Section are his nine online books of poems (the first seven of which were formerly available in this same building as downloadable pdf ebooks, with only two compilations remaining as pdf downloadables). Admittedly, Vicente had been a bit too proud in touting these as "the first nine online books of poems by a Filipino author". That's how he put it, in the second person. Never mind that gumption. The first six of these online compilations are:

# Alternative Prosaicnesses  (two
        volumes in one);
# Gifts/Parties/Titles/Unrests  (two
        books in one);

# War Photos;
# Decayed: Travel Poems;
# In The Level of Gods;  and
# How People Respond to Them.

This Poetry Section also later added---without warning---an html format of his 2009 blogged poetry volume (the ninth book), which was titled:

# Perennial Measure  (with a link to the
original blog source/site).

Now, let us be clear about this last book. The original home of Perennial Measure  is a blog site also called Perennial Measure.  One thing else. Currently in progress at that blog site is a collection of Filipino and bilingual (Filipino/English, Taglish instead of Englog) poems. Vicente also provided a link to that project in the Poetry Section page of this site. That latter collection he titled:

# Third Cup Ko Na 'To (This Is My
  Third Cup).

Speaking of the Poetry Section index page in this site, do you know that it actually also has links to two sub-domains where Vicente's in-progress online Waray poems collection called

# Mga Siday Hin Ka-Waray (Being
 Waray Poems)

and his in-progress online Pilipino/Filipino poems collection

# Alternatibong Prosa

are? Now you know.





ALSO here, in the Fiction Section, is "the first online book of stories by a Filipino fiction writer"! That would be de Veyra's

# Vexed.

In that fiction section's index page is also a link to de Veyra's fiction/poetry project site Perennial Measure, specifically to the part where you can start to read his recently-finished bilingual [Filipino/English] blogged novel titled

# Fidel's March: A Screenplay of a  Novel).

As mentioned above, both the first six of the poetry collections and the story collection Vexed were previously available as downloadable pdf-format e-books only. Now everything's here in their html glory, with some of the compilations presented as virtual books! And how people are readily responding to them, in wanting to know them!



SO, now, without further ado, simply go to the Poetry and Fiction casks of this basement library, my dear visitors/readers, through the links below; their index pages would bring you to each of the online books!

Sorry, it may have to be done sweepingly this way. Vicente, after all, is a self-described indie writer and can eschew---aside from the fact that he can't afford---the tradition of inviting you to his books via the holding of book-launch parties, handing free hard copies to reviewers, and requesting industry friends for thumbs-up blurbs with a promise to treat them to coffee! Maybe someday he can do some of those. Maybe.

So, follow yourselves now as you wade through the darkness of Vicente's themes here! Or, if that darkness is just what you want to see treated of in literature, enjoy your stay here in this "Vicente-Ignacio Soria de Veyra Independent Reader" of sorts, and enjoy whatever you took home into your hard disk, even while this his site's completion and re-editions continue to be in progress. (By dark themes please don't think gothic, or anything like that, but simply themes other than puppy love or ice cream, though those are exploited by our character-writer here too).

And, by the way, it has been promised that also here will crop up a new section which shall serve as Vicente's virtual art studio! Visit the links below every now and then to check if that has already opened. And, finally, as mentioned above, a section soon especially dedicated to Vicente's defunct band, Groupies' Panciteria , didn't I say that above already?

In the meantime, readers, enjoy what's here now, as Vicente would want you to, after that initial "Hello there" above.












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